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A real talk wellness podcast, led by Kayla serving up the BEST ways to glow up your wellness and sharing interviews featuring those who make the glow up look easy. Inspired by Kayla’s own wellness glow up, she realized it’s so much more than just macros and working out. Her mission is to awaken your confidence  & provide you with the knowledge and tools you need to transform your wellness goals into reality.

Tune in for a new episode every Monday to hear honest conversations about topics that cover wellness, relationships, and self-enhancement. 


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Kayla is extremely knowledgeable about all aspects of fitness from what to do to reach your goals to how to continue on the right path. I wouldn’t be as successful as I have been thus far without her advice and direction. Truly a down to earth individual that understands that wellness is a continued evolution of self.

— Soleil Derice, HR Manager

Kayla has been an impeccable addition to my life. She has helped me to always see the bigger picture and challenge the status quo. Her words of wisdom and encouragement has allowed me to stay positive and never give up on my dreams!

— Melina Owusu, Diversity Specialist

Kayla has inspired me to take better care of myself: physically, mentally, and financially. Always wanted to do it, but she gave me the push I needed to reach my goals.

— Janine Alston, Graphic Designer