My Core Values - My Compass in Moving Through the World

As I sat in therapy in 2016, my therapist asked me what my core values are. I looked at her like a deer in headlights and was like “uh I have no idea.” She then looked back at me and told me that was my homework, but not like the typical homework where I go home and do the exercise only to bring my homework back done half assed. She said “dig deep and don’t give up until you feel good about 5.” I knew they were important, but she went on to say “your core values represent your unique, individual essence and they will guide your behavior as they provide you with a personal code of conduct.” She was absolutely preaching that session.

I continued to think about her message frequently after our session as I wanted to ace her assignment. As I was listening to the Hamilton soundtrack where Hamilton calls out Burr in the beginning of the play, I stopped and took in when he says “If you stand for nothing, Burr, what’ll you fall for?” After hearing that line, I reframed my thinking about her homework to me as I asked myself “what are the values I stand on?” and “what are the values that I will fall and/or go to the ends of the earth for?”

After much brainstorm, trial and error, and years of personal development these are the things I stand for and the values that all of my content will be based on:

A commitment to truth: This stems from not standing in my own truth for an extended period of time. I’m committed to not only speaking my truth, but living in my truth while encouraging others to do the same, no matter how difficult it is.

A commitment to service: I have certain privileges that other people don’t have and I’m making it my mission to be of service to others who need that assistance. We can’t do bad by ourselves all the time.

A commitment to growth: We are all meant to grow and learn, but I take this very seriously as I’m challenging myself to be the best version of myself everyday.

A commitment to love: I’m a Cancer (enough said). But really, I noticed in any relationship I have had or currently have I lead with love as that’s something that my Mom instilled in me.

A commitment to connection: We as humans are hardwired for connection and to feel connected with other people. In the social media age there’s a paradox of being more connected than ever, while being the most alone we’ve ever been. I’m dedicated to make more connections and creating spaces to create more connections for other people.

A commitment to health (bonus one): After all of the health issues I’ve experienced over the past decade, I’m determined to make my health a priority. Point blank. Period.

I’m not perfect in any of the decisions I have made or the decisions I will continue to make, but best believe these values are my compass in navigating throughout the world. These may ebb and flow as well, but right now these are my guiding light.

What are you core values? What do you stand for?