I Need Help With My Brain Fog

Who You Are

You’re a woman who has always been on point - with your relationships, jobs, and education but now you’re starting to realize that you’re starting to miss more details in your daily life.

You notice you forget your sister’s birthday, or can’t remember what you went over in that big board meeting the other day. Or you start noticing that you start to enter a dangerous haze at around 3pm, where your ability to concentrate is very minimal.

You’re terrified that you’ll come off as “stupid” or “inadequate” because you feel like you’re moving in slow motion all the time. While many people would just use caffeine or stimulants to increase their brain power, that’s not an option for you — because you’re committed to figuring out how to heal your brain fog once and for all, naturally.

You want to remember the important moments in your life, and not rely on other people to explain those moments to you.

Whether you outright can’t remember what you ate for breakfast that morning, or you want to remember what you just read on that page after scanning it for a long period of time, you’re ready to get answers on how to get out of the haze once and for all to live your best life.

What Your Issues Tend to Be

You’ve been prescribed multiple medications by your doctor and none of them seem to be helping, they’re actually making things worse. That same doctor also tells you that your brain fog is just a “normal” fact of aging, but you don’t believe them as you’re still in your 20’s, 30’s, and 40’s.

You’re also finding it incredibly difficult to mask your difficulty finding words or remembering names, but easy tasks may take twice as long as they did previously. Your family and friends often don’t notice, but it’s distressing to you on the inside.

If we’re being real here, you don’t feel like yourself and you’re terrified to admit this as you don’t want to be judged or thought as as incompetent.

Even more terrifying, you’re scared that you’re experiencing early signs of Alzheimer’s or dementia—when it may have a wide array of treatable causes.

What You Need Most

  • Awareness of the lifestyle issues that could impact your mental clarity that you didn’t even know existed.

  • Knowledge about those sneaky things that can be working against your mental clarity.

  • An understanding of how your hormones affects your brain fog.

  • A honest assessment of your symptoms - by both me and yourself.

  • Clarity on what tests can be the most helpful for you to run to get to the root of the issue.

  • Foods you can eat that will help remedy the cloudiness.

  • More confidence to be your own health advocate and get your mental clarity back.

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