Who you are

You’re a company that understands that your employee’s health and lifestyle choices directly affect your bottom line. You’ve also been dealing a lot more with employee complaints about work/life balance, healthcare costs, and other issues that you feel you do your best to address.  

You’re terrified of the statistics out there that reflect how bad our overall health has gotten:

  • One in two Americans suffers from at least one chronic illness (CDC)

  • More than half of the U.S. adults are on one or more prescription drugs at any given time.

  • One out of every two men, and one out of every three women will develop cancer in their lifetime (ACS)

  • Obesity, diabetes, heart disease, and high blood pressure costs this country more than $120 billion each year (Michelle Obama)

You want to be seen as a progressive leader in a more personal and transformational corporate wellness paradigm that is focusing on holistic wellness, but also create a healthier corporate culture that encourages and unlocks employee potential. Moreover, you know that you will attract health conscious employees who tend to be more productive, thus elevating your company’s overall performance.

Whether you want confident and productive employees, or you want to reduce healthcare costs as people are empowered to make better choices that support their total well-being, you’re ready to challenge the status quo and are driven to get different results that require different actions towards your company’s overall health.

What your issues tend to be

You’re starting to see that most of the corporate wellness programs you hire or implement continue to involve biometric screenings, and software programs that don’t necessarily change minds, behaviors or prevent disease. Not only do they not change minds, behaviors, or prevent disease, they also cost an arm and a leg to hire or implement.

You’re also finding it incredibly difficult to engage employees in wellness programs or take charge of their health and life due to the lackluster and (frankly) boring content presented to employees. Why are wellness programs taking the fun out of it?

If we’re being real here, you know that these programs don’t instill the critical knowledge necessary to clear up the confusion that continues to sabotage all attempts to lose weight and gain a better understanding of health, permanently.

Even more terrifying, you’re scared that as the healthcare costs of your employees go up, your bottom line gets affected and your employees become even more satisfied.

What you need most

  • Programming that turns conventional ideas upside down, while providing easier, more sustainable and engaging solutions to overall health.

  • Someone to share their own success story, and provide your employees with a new strategy to obtain their health goals.

  • Fresh and innovative ideas to get your employees believing in themselves and their ability to change.

  • A honest assessment of where your company currently is at with their wellness initiatives.

  • Health and wellness programs that are simple, and not a huge investment

  • Wellness programming that takes a more personalized approach to employee health

Let’s chat about how we can tackle your top employee concerns and how we can work together to support your company to cut healthcare costs, improve productivity, and boosting overall employee health, for good.

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How the Coaching Process Works

Discovery Call

These free 15 minute discovery calls are done via Skype or phone call and will be customized based on your company’s needs. This can include guidance on nutrition, fitness, lifestyle, overcoming health issues, personal development, mindset, relationships, and much more.  

After this initial discovery call, we’ll decide if we're a good fit for each other. If we vibe, you’ll have the option to book the below coaching options to identify goals, set intentions, and make agreements. Then, we get down to business in making your employees their healthiest selves.  

Wellness Workshops

These aren’t your regular wellness workshops. The workshops run by Kayla are fun, engaging & packed with information. Don’t worry though, your employees will leave with actionable steps that can take immediately and have access to us for follow up questions and/or support.  These workshops typically run 1 hour, with a 45-minute interactive presentation and 15 minutes at the end for Q&A.

Topics include: Stress Management • Unplugging & Establishing a work/life balance • Sleep Optimization • Conquering Sugar Cravings • Meditation • Decoding labels  • Grocery Store Tips and Tricks • and many more…

Email us now at kayla@kaylanedza.com to inquire further. (can we make a button for this?)


Wellness Coaching Days

I know how hard it is to get your employees away from their desk and into a large forum to talk about health. The easy answer to this is Wellness Coaching Days.

Employees will receive a 1-on-1 health & wellness session lasting about 20-30 minutes where Kayla will work with them individually to achieve their wellness goals such as losing weight, increasing energy, reducing stress, and creating balance in all areas of life. The best part about these coaching session is that each employee will have action steps specifically tailored to them about the issues that they’re struggling with the most.

Wellness Coaching Days can be organized on a one off basis, but Kayla also has options to schedule more regularly on a monthly or quarterly basis. The monthly and quarterly options are highly recommended for added accountability and engagement.

$1,200/Wellness Coaching Day

Wellness Days

Want to know a secret? This is the best option I have for you and your employees. With this option, we combine a wellness workshop with a wellness coaching day to have your employees dive deeper into their personalized action steps.  

Employees can participate in a workshop of your choosing, followed by 4 hours of private coaching sessions, with 20-30 minutes for each employee. We can work with you on the logistics in either having employees sign up for private coaching beforehand or signing up the day of the workshop.

Best practice: Hold your workshop at lunch time and then hold the private coaching sessions around it.

$1,600/Wellness Day

Inquire below or send or mail us now at kayla@kaylanedza.com

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Q: Are there any discounts available?

A: Absolutely! If you sign up for more than 3 Wellness Coaching Days or Workshops, we’ll take $100 off each event for you.

Q: How many people can your workshops accommodate?

A: Our typical workshops are designed for about 50-75 people for the single hour session. We can absolutely accommodate bigger groups. Please reach out to us to inquire about the cost for groups larger than 75 people.

Q: What does a health coach do?

A: A health coach is essentially a wellness expert who guides, motivates, and educates others towards lifestyle and behavior choices to help them reach their personal wellness goals. Personally, Kayla takes a more holistic approach that focuses on every aspect of lifestyle in addition to the usual nutrition and exercise pieces. Kayla helps clients create a plan to reach their optimal state of well-being by addressing the root cause of their symptoms. We see each client as a unique individual, and we believe in the bio individuality of each person in becoming their healthiest self.