Unpacking the Oreo Complex with Kristin Iris

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In this episode, Kayla chops it up with Kristin Iris!

Kristin Iris is a Film Producer, Speaker, and Coach helping Black creatives cultivate liberation, joy, and power through deep personal work and Black creative expression. In helping Black folx dismantle their internalized oppressions and stand in their power she works in particular on healing “The Oreo Complex” - the idea that you aren’t Black enough.

As a creative she shares powerful messages through her writing (currently working on a novel and a screenplay) and her podcast Melanated Rising which is meant to inspire, uplift, and ignite Black creatives while changing the narratives around Blackness. She is also a Producer at MegaMind Media a Black-owned feature film and television production company.

Her mission, whether in her art, coaching, or speaking, is to challenge and break down oppressive power dynamics and systems by inspiring and igniting Black folx into their greatness and their capacity to make great change in the world.

In this episode we discuss:

  • Unique obstacles Black entrepreneurs and creatives face

  • Understanding and dismantling The Oreo Complex

  • How to start unpacking the learned and unhealthy behaviors and thoughts

  • How to come from a place of power vs a place of fear

  • And so much more!


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How Small Steps Help You Live Your Best Life with Aimee Suen

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In this episode, Kayla chops it up with Aimee Suen!

Aimée Suen is a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, podcaster and all around creative. After her moving through her own health and wellness struggles and confusion, she’s dedicated to helping you cut through the health and wellness noise to find your healthy through values-lead work, compassion and kindness, one small step at a time. When she’s not working with clients or connecting with people on the Small Steps Podcast, she’s growing her enamel pin collection, exploring or resting.

In this episode we discuss:

  • How to determine which way of eating is right for you

  • Should you eat organic?

  • How stress impacts your body more than you think

  • And so much more!


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Nory Pouncil on Overcoming Self Doubt & Being Honest With Ourselves

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In this episode, Kayla chops it up with Nory Pouncil!

Nory is a Millennial Mindset Coach, founder of iAmHealthyFit.com, and host of the Get Unstuck Podcast. Seeing a void in the health and wellness space for women of the African Diaspora, she has devoted the past decade to helping millennial women tap into their power and course correct to align with their purpose.

Her clients have unlocked a new level of self-love, understanding, and clarity -- without ditching la cultura! Nory has been featured in various outlets, including Women’s Health Mag, Fierce by Mitú, Fitfluential, HuffPost and Black Bride Mag. She's also appeared as a featured guest on national and local TV networks, such as Good Morning Washington, ABC 7 News – WJLA and News Channel 8.

When she’s not empowering her clients to understand, navigate and embrace their feelings by shifting their mindset, you can find her at home burning sage, drinking tea, listening to Cardi B, and reading personal growth books. Nory is a Garifuna, Afro-Latina, based out of St. Petersburgh, FL, where she lives with her supportive and loving husband Jarrad Pouncil (JP).

In this episode we discuss:

  • The mistakes people make when overcoming self doubt

  • Why we're not honest with ourselves

  • Tools and tips to dive into knowing yourself on a deeper level

  • And so much more!


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Monthly Wellness Round Up - July 2019

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In this episode Kayla rounds up all of the hot wellness topics for July 2019. 

In this episode Kayla discusses:

  • New research out regarding paleo and heart disease

  • Amazon and the issues with fake supplements

  • How Halle Bailey's casting as The Little Mermaid impacts women color in the wellness space

  • Are millennials really having less sex? 

Ways to connect with Kayla

Listener Q&A: Cravings, Fasting, and Showing Up As Your Full Self at Work

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In this episode, Kayla is flying solo and covering all of your questions about wellness, health trends, fitness, entrepreneurship, and much more. We definitely go in on this episode!

 In this episode we chop it up about:

  • Why you still feel hungry at 10am and breaking down cravings

  • Transitioning to a health lifestyle and how to include your partner in the transition

  • Managing your time as an entrepreneur to increase your profits, and focus on your health

  • How to show up full as yourself at work

  • Intermittent fasting

  • And more!


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Sexual Empowerment & Breaking the Stigma with Be Guerra

Be Guerra.png

In this episode, Kayla chops it up with Be Guerra!

Be Guerra is the creator of Tinder Lotus, a sexual reawakening brand dedicated to help Women of color rediscover their Sex Goddess within. 

As a Sensuality Maven and a Woman of color, Be grew up with several limited beliefs around sex that left her feeling lost, confused around it and victimized when she experienced traumatic experiences around sex. She began to question everything that she ever learned about sex and came to the realization that there was no need to have shame around it. Sex is inherently neutral and just another part of what it is to be human. It's human beings that have made sex as something wrong and shameful. 

Be's journey of self inquiry on sex helped shatter her constrained beliefs around the reality of what sex is and unleash her power around sexuality and her mission is to inspire other women to do the same. She believes that letting go of shame is the greatest gift we can ever give to ourselves.

Be is an LA native, a Libra almost to a T, visiting cemeteries is her Chi and enjoys keeping things classy with a glass of Pinot Grigio.

In this episode we discuss:

  • The stereotypes that women of color face when it comes to sex

  • The difference between STDs and STIs

  • The multitude of mixed messages women of color get relating to sex

  • Reclaiming your sexuality

  • And so much more!


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6 Reasons You're Not Reaching Your Wellness Goals with Kayla Nedza

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"I'm eating healthy and working out, but I'm not reaching my wellness goals." Does this sound familiar? 

You know what you have to do to reach those wellness goals, so why is it SO HARD to get it done? My guess -- because it comes from experience -- you need to reassess what's really going on. I’m not talking how many veggies you're eating or how many steps you're getting, because you've got that.. I mean your those other external factors.

If your wellness goals are stagnant, you need to rework your mindset and address those crazy myths that we're constantly being fed in this space. I’m breaking down what's not being talked about in the wellness space of those things that have hindered my own ability to reach my wellness glow up, from comparing myself to other people's goals to ways you can address those toxic lifestyle factors.

Press “play” because we're about to address these reasons head on and get our glow up on!

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Securing the Bag & Becoming the Reina of Your Money with Jen Hemphill

Jen Hemphill.png

In this episode, Kayla chops it up with Jen Hemphill!

Jen Hemphill, a military spouse & proud bilingual Latina, helps the busy career-oriented woman become the reina (queen) of her money and love her dinero more. She is a Money Confidence Coach, an AFC® (Accredited Financial Counselor), author, speaker and hosts the Her Dinero Matters podcast (previously known as Her Money Matters®).

She has been featured in publications such as Forbes, Clark Howard, and USAA and award winning podcasts like SoMoney and Stacking Benjamins.

In this episode we discuss:

  • The difference between a Financial Counselor and a Financial Advisor

  • How we form our beliefs around money

  • How we can break the limiting patterns and beliefs we have around money as women of color

  • How to start budgeting and understand where your money is being spent

  • How we as women of color can close the equality wage gap to get paid what we're worth

  • And so much more!


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Lisa Hendrickson Jack on Vaginas, Period Shaming, and Ovulation as the Fifth Vital Sign

Lisa Hedrickson Jack.png

In this episode, Kayla chops it up with Lisa Hendrickson Jack!

Lisa Hendrickson-Jack talks about vaginas a lot! She’s a certified Fertility Awareness Educator and Holistic Reproductive Health Practitioner who teaches women to chart their menstrual cycles for natural birth control, conception, and monitoring overall health. In her new book The Fifth Vital Sign, Lisa debunks the myth that regular ovulation is only important when you want children, by recognizing the menstrual cycle as a vital sign. Drawing heavily from the current scientific literature, Lisa presents an evidence-based approach to fertility awareness and menstrual cycle optimization.

She hosts the Fertility Friday Podcast, a weekly radio show devoted to helping women connect to their fifth vital sign by uncovering the connection between menstrual cycle health, fertility, and overall health. With well over a million downloads, Fertility Friday is the #1 source for information about fertility awareness, and menstrual cycle health, connecting women around the world with their cycles and their fertility — something our education systems have consistently failed to do. When she’s not researching, writing, and interviewing health professionals, you’ll find her spending time with her husband and her two sons. 

In this episode we discuss:

  • The different types of birth control - both hormonal and non-hormonal

  • What happens during ovulation

  • Things that can throw off your menstrual cycle and overall fertility

  • Changing the script of a what women's health and fertility

  • Period shaming

  • How to have better sex

  • And so much more!


  • Lisa's Website

  • Follow Lisa on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest at @FertilityFriday

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Climbing the Corporate Ladder & Career Transitions with Michelle Gomez

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In this episode, Kayla chops it up with Michelle Gomez!

Michelle Gomez, The Latina Career Coach, is an accomplished corporate sales professional with over two decades of riding the waves of the corporate structure as a first-generation Latina-American. The first in her family to graduate from college, she has earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management, a Master’s Degree in Business Administration, and a certification in Broadcast Journalism. Throughout her career, Michelle has been an advocate for women in the workforce; leading the charge in speaking forums, business articles and networking events.

Michelle has personally mentored and coached dozens of men and women toward achieving their academic and career goals. Through resume reviews, mock interviews, and focus on presentation, she has helped dozens of men and women prepare and position themselves as strong candidates for the career or role they desire. Michelle has also advocated for a healthy work/life balance through her blog posts, providing insight on practical methods for creating balance and wellness in daily pursuits.

In this episode we discuss:

  • How to network effectively

  • How to get that promotion you want

  • What to do when you "hate" your job

  • The best tips for making a killer resume and cover letter

  • Securing the bag and closing the generational wealth gap

  • And so much more!


  • Michelle's Website

  • Follow Michelle on Instagram at @mgsuccesscoach

  • Free downloadable gift: Considering a job change? Get my FREEguide on the “5 Signs It’s Time to Leave”by clicking here

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Josie Rosario on Being Whole, Mastering Anxiety, and Micro Aggressions in the Workplace

Josie Rosario.png

In this episode, Kayla chops it up with Josie Rosario! Josie was born to help individuals live their lives on their own terms. After serving as a teacher, coach, and assistant principal for ten years, Josie courageously transitioned to serve as a therapist and social worker, using healing to empower others to live out their purpose. Passionate about wellness and with a deep belief in an integrative approach to healing, Josie completed a 200-hour yoga teacher training and is certified in trauma-informed yoga. Josie splits her time between serving individuals and couples as a therapist, speaking at organizations on all things wellness, and leading the Healing Strategy.

Josie earned a bachelor's degree from Columbia University, a master's degree in education from Hunter College, and graduated with distinction from Columbia University's School of Social Work. Josie was an early participant of Business Essentials at Harvard Business School as well as a participant of the Design Studio at Columbia Business School. She is also a trainee in family and couples therapy at the Ackerman Institute for the Family.

Josie is a native New Yorker, a proud Black Dominican-American woman, a die-hard Golden Girls fan, and deeply committed to continuing to manifest her ancestors' wildest dreams.

In this episode we discuss:

  • Managing anxiety

  • How to know you're experiencing anxiety

  • Navigating micro agressions in the workplace and what to do when you're experiencing them

  • The difference between talk therapy and other types of therapy

  • And so much more!


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Revolutionizing the Conversation Around Women's Beauty with Jessy Furniel

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In this episode, Kayla talks to Jessy Furniel, founder and formulator of Adelie Skin who's looking to revolutionize the conversation around women’s beauty after the age of 35. She believes aging is an evolution, just like fine wine and that women keep getting better as they evolve with time. 

Jessy is a former Grupo Punta Cana concierge strategist who’s hosted the likes of Oscar de la Renta, Anna Wintour and the Assouline Family. She’s also the Founder and Formulator of new Int’l Award Winning opulent organic skincare line, Adélie®️, which empowers women to age with confidence. Adélie®️ is proudly Latina-owned, Leaping Bunny certified, Vegan-Friendly, over 95% organic, utilizing all-active specialty ingredients such as Amazonian Passion Fruit seed oil and Moroccan Prickly Pear Seed oil for maximum potency and efficacy.

This episode includes…

  • The differences between organic and natural skincare

  • How our skin starts to change as we age

  • The current rules and regulations of skincare and beauty products that make choosing a clean product more difficult

  • Why supporting small, women owned businesses is important

  • And so much more!


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Kayla Nedza on Her Colombian Experience + Coming Back to Herself

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Today, Kayla shares her unique experience during her trip to Colombia. She felt that it was important to share her own unique experience, explain what scared her, what she found to be transformative and what wasn’t.  Even though Kayla feels that she is still discovering her journey and receiving downloads on the lessons she’s meant to learn, she wanted to share her experience thus far.  For her, the most profound takeaways have been in the subtle moments. As always, this solo episode is as honest as it gets!

 Kayla talks about:

  • Feeling her trip to Colombia call her

  • The reservations that Kayla had in returning to her home country

  • The four questions to ask yourself when you're coming back to yourself

  • Allowing herself to operate from the heart

  • Being shown her opportunities 

  • Making space for receiving the lessons the Universe needed to tell her

  • Calling in what she wants

  • Stretching her energetic field to a point of discomfort

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Body Positivity, Conscious Wellness, and Personal Development with Tamara Kellam

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In this episode, Kayla talks to Tamara Kellam, a certified women’s fitness specialist, personal trainer, behavior change specialist, and group exercise leader who lost over 100 pounds through diet, exercise, and a transformed outlook on life.

Tamara is founder of My Body My Vision, LLC, a body-positive health and fitness movement, and OmFree Inc., a NY-based nonprofit organization focusing on creating holistic health equity globally.  She considers herself a Transformational Wellness Coach, using integrative wellness practices to provide clients with the tools to achieve their desired health and fitness results.

This episode includes…

  • What body positivity actually means

  • How our language can impact others in the health and wellness space

  • The integrative approaches she uses with her clients to get the results they want

  • Deciphering between the true and untrue stories we tell ourselves and how to be able to tell what we truly want

  • And so much more!


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Lennis Perez on Releasing Blocks to Live Your Life With More Ease, Freedom and Purpose

Screen Shot 2019-06-01 at 11.34.01 AM.png

In this episode, Kayla talks to Lennis Perez, a women’s wellness consultant, public speaker, plant-based nutrition certified and a chemical engineer.

She is the creator of the 4 essential pillars of wellness method, a self-guided program that helps women optimize priorities to focus on self-care and fulfill their essential needs. She is also the founder of lennisperez.com, wellness platform where she shares her favorite tips & hacks for a healthier lifestyle.

Lennis was born in Venezuela and currently resides in New Jersey.

This episode includes…

  • How she sets boundaries at her corporate job that lends to her wellness

  • Her 4 pillars of wellness and how she came up with those 4 pillars

  • How important it is for people to see that you're focusing on your wellness and how it creates a positive feedback loop

  • How "play" is a critical aspect of wellness

  • And so much more!


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Breaking Free From Chronic Illness and Connecting with Your True Self with Karinee Lopez

Screen Shot 2019-04-30 at 2.25.08 PM.png

In this episode, Kayla talks to Karinee Lopez, a life and wellness coach, endometriosis advocate and a wellness warrior.

After years of battling painful endometriosis, infertility, countless surgeries, depression, and suicidal thoughts, Karinee decided to take control of the avalanche of a life she was living to find a different route. Because of her journey, she is dedicated to helping and touching other women’s lives by guiding them to find their path into their wellness journey through self-love, self-awareness, and self-advocacy, so they can live a more fulfilling life.

This episode includes…

  • A breakdown of endometriosis and what it is

  • What normal periods should look like

  • Symptoms to check in with your doctor on that you're having during your period

  • Being your own health advocate 

  • And so much more!


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Turning a Celiac Disease Diagnosis Into a Wellness Empire with Jessica Jade

Screen Shot 2019-04-19 at 9.02.14 PM.png

In this episode, Kayla talks to Jessica Jade, wellness coach, speaker, and writer. 

Jessica Jade empowers women to carve time for self-care that aligns with their feminine health! She empowerswomen of colorto carve time for self-care and embrace their feminine health. Lastly, by following in the footsteps of generations of women in her family, she crafts an organic skincare line, SunKiss Organics,that is rooted in tradition & nourishing for all!

This episode includes…

  • The difference between celiac and gluten sensitivity 

  • Symptoms of celiac disease

  • Why organic, natural skincare is so important

  • Creating a wellness empire

  • And so much more!


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Adult Friendships, Navigating How to Find Your Voice in College, and Model Minorities with Thara Nagarajan

Screen Shot 2019-04-22 at 8.09.39 AM.png

In this episode, Kayla talks to Thara Nagarajan, M.D and Kayla's ROD from college. 

Dr. Thara Nagarajan is a resident physician in internal medicine. She has spent this last year treating and taking care of patients in the Greater Cincinnati area. She received a bachelors of science in Anthropology at The Ohio State University and received her M.D at the University of Cincinnati. Raised in Dayton, OH, Thara is an Ohio native who is leaving to pursue a psychiatry residency in New Hampshire at Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center. 

She has a deep passion for mental health and wellness, specifically in the areas of pediatric mental healthcare and women's mental health. She is interested in working with underserved populations both in the United States and in the global community, and has spent time providing healthcare and wellness education with vulnerable populations in Cincinnati. 

In her free time, she enjoys painting, hot yoga and barre, petting dogs, cooking, watching Netflix, and generally running around town finding the newest coffee shops in high heels.

In this episode, Kayla talks to Thara about:

  • The many different ways to impact women's health

  • Finding friends who really fuck with you

  • Feeling like an outsider in college

  • What it means to be a model minority

  • How to start openly talking about sex

  • And more!

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Asha Tarry on Transforming Your Life, Living a Life By Design, and Advancing Your Well-Being

Asha Tarry Insta.png

In this episode, Kayla talks to Asha Tarry, life coach and psychotherapist. 

As a treating provider, Asha has the expertise and skill to transform lives. The work she provides as a life coach to individuals, couples, groups and small business entrepreneurs is based in the philosophy that we all need each other to grow and develop as human beings. Asha’s unique approach to life coaching is based on an innate desire to see people succeed and live a life by design, with love and purpose! She is curious, transparent, and supportive of her clients in fulfilling their goals. 

As a psychotherapist, Asha has provided counseling to hundreds of clients with challenges in several areas of their lives, including intergenerational trauma, immigrant assimilation and acculturation, sexual, psychological and physical abuse, severe mental illness, and workplace aggression, just to list a few. She has been called upon to discuss mental health issues to both small and large audiences as an expert on health panels, a guest on national radio broadcasts and as a writer & consultant for publications and special projects, including films.

In her spare time, Asha devotes her time to independent learning, self development, social justice and mental health awareness, caring for aging relatives, and traveling. As someone who loves to learn and advance the well-being of others, particularly people of the African diaspora, Asha doesn't slow down to the stressors of the world. Always looking to develop her identity as a change agent and community leader, she hopes to one day travel the globe doing philanthropic work for women and children, aiding in the healing of the traumatic experience of being black in America and the world.

This episode includes…

  • Working with a life coaching versus working with a psychotherapist

  • The difference between mental illness and mental health

  • How to find the right therapist

  • Why millennials are shifting the paradigm of being more open to therapy services

  • And so much more!


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Fears of Having Sex, Rebalancing Hormones, and Birth Control with Kayla Nedza

Screen Shot 2019-04-07 at 12.21.48 PM.png

In this solo episode, Kayla will be talking about her journey to rebalancing her hormones: the good, the bad, and the ugly as well as the lessons she’s learned from her experiences in rebalancing her own hormones.

This episode includes…

  • Stereotypes of women of color with fertility 

  • How her hormones got out of whack

  • Her experience with birth control

  • Why she was scared to have sex

  • Ways she rebalanced her hormones

  • And so much more!


  • Learn more | kaylanedza.com

  • Instagram | @kaylanedza