Dr. Angelica Hardee on the State of Domestic and Global Public Health

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In this episode, Kayla talks to her girl Dr. Angelica Hardee (affectionately known as Dr. JB). Kayla and Angelica became friends their freshman year of high school in 2006.

Dr. Angelica Hardee is a native of Cleveland, Ohio and is a three-time alumna of the University of Cincinnati (UC) where she received her bachelors, masters and doctorate in public health. At UC, Dr. Hardee’s studies focused in global health systems and health policy. Dr. Hardee’s dissertation was related to malaria control methods among pregnant women in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Her research internationally addressed the needs amongst the world's most vulnerable populations. In addition, she established health promotion and education programs while teaching and mentoring students interested in public health.

Studying abroad while in graduate school ignited her passion and dedication to public health. Dr. Hardee has always enjoyed serving locally, but she soon realized that she had the potential to make a difference not only in her own community, but worldwide. Working everywhere from local classrooms at the University of Cincinnati to small communities in developing nations, she wants to be a part of eliminating health disparities.

 Dr. Hardee recently co-founded Let’s Change Our City a community initiative in Cincinnati, Ohio. Within the organization students from neighboring universities are able to engage with community partners and refer patients to essential social services addressing both communicable and non-communicable diseases. Dr. Hardee always knew her future was in healthcare, but not as a medical doctor. Rather her passion for public health can help to inspire change of health outcomes.

Currently Dr. Hardee lives in Cincinnati, Ohio and works in the non-profit sector focused on population health. In her current role she works with health systems and community agencies to address and navigate health related social needs. In addition to her primary role, Dr. Hardee works with public health organizations to implement policies to improve health in Ohio.

This episode includes…

  • How she initially got into public health

  • Her Ted Talk about public health systems

  • Her global health experience

  • What her self care looks like

  • Running for public office


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